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The reliable meeting point for supply and demand of Non-Performing Loans

NPLUS is the digital and independent platform that makes the exchange of non-performing loans simple, reliable and safe. Thanks to blockchain technology, NPLUS represents a reliable meeting point between supply and demand for NPL trading operations.

Deficits of the NPL market in need of solutions

NPLUS offers a simple and safe answer to solve the main inefficiencies of the NPL market

  • Complex and expensive processes
    Procedures with a high degree of intermediation that generate long lead times and high costs
  • Poor transparency
    Information asymmetries and little standardized data
  • Limited number of investors
    High costs and long times do not allow access to transactions to a wider range of operators

NPLUS: the independent marketplace

NPLUS provides free access to the non-performing loan market and related Data Tapes, ensuring maximum reliability of the information managed, and the highest safety standards of offers and transactions.

It guarantees extremely fast execution times on operations

Ensures transparency and reliability of all information in the marketplace

It incorporates the guidelines of the law-maker and the standardizations deriving from them (Gacs etc.)
Adopt the highest standards of security and confidentiality thanks to Blockchain technology

Allows you to insert the documentation of the credits within a secure Data Room

Contains tools to support the management of privacy and GDPR obligations

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