Embed trust in your data and processes

Bring intelligence into data and flows to get a more efficient and safe IT ecosystem. Leverage in self-provisioning the real benefits of the blockchain.

The reliability on your data and processes is a critical issue as the door may be left open to potential errors, manipulations and procedural anomalies.
A questionable reliability, or an actual wrong processing, may lead to incorrect decision-making, loss of margins or even third party claims. With usual methods, ensuring trust in your data and processes by all stakeholders is either not possible or complex and expensive.
Datome delivers a trustworthy database that can embed your processes and connect to your users, legacy applications and existing BPM or DM.

Datome combines blockchain technology (BC) , data management (DM) and business process management (BPM) to deliver a robust, secure and scalable Platform As A Service that you can easily configure in self provisioning.