We help companies to
optimize resources and data management using blockchain

Cutting-edge technology for digitization

We simplify the integration of Blockchain, AI and machine learning to make the best technologies within the reach of every business, for easy and efficient digitization.


Our professionals are blockchain experts with very specific profiles, such as financial trading, energy markets and fashion licensing. Combining this with our technical team's expertise in cybersecurity, system architecture, client-server application development and their familiarity with software development for large enterprises, we work with our clients to come up with different strategies:

Discover use cases (whether your business model requires blockchain or not)
Process optimization with business information analysis
Proof-of-Concept Guide
System integration (compatible with existing client systems)
Infrastructure improvement

Design and development

By basing our project on your existing and future business goals, Mangrovia's blockchain architects and industry specialists will customize a technology solution that best meets your needs. From discovery to design and development, the team will work closely with your organization's business departments to customize a blockchain-based solution that is quick to implement, compatible with multiple blockchains, and adaptable to obsolescence. Services include:

Feasibility studies
Proof of concept
Pilot distribution
MVP design and development
Roadmap of future development goals

System Integration

Mangrovia has decades of business experience in security, software development, IT networks, security, archives, digital identity, digital infrastructure, and system architecture and blockchain. The well-rounded experience of our team will complement the technical implementation of the customized solution for you, ensuring smooth delivery from start to end. Services include:

System integration (compatible with existing client systems)
Implementation of large-scale projects
Maintenance and support

Resource optimization,
reliability, inviolability, traceability

If you want to reap the benefits of blockchain for your business management, book a free consultation with our specialists.