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A new paradigm

The architecture of Mind over Money, based on the customer lifecycle, serves to govern the relationship with the customer by managing all interactions in a holistic view (investment, credit and insurance), with sustainability always at the centre. The set of tools that the bank offers to customers serves as a whole to achieve their objectives in their lifecycle and provides the model for representing, simulating and optimizing the choices of products.

The peculiarities of MindoverMoney engine


The main benefits of MindoverMoney engine

Mind over Money
- From a standardized product model (product centric) to personalized service (client centric)
Mind over Money
Increase in sales of investment, insurance and credit products
Mind over Money
Value proposition that focuses on the differentiation of the service and not just on pricing
Mind over Money
Customer loyalty that generates a greater life-time value and allows to reduce maintenance costs over time
Mind over Money
It is easy for the customer to understand the usefulness of acquiring financial products
Mind over Money
Customer satisfaction who recognizes the added value of the service and its simplicity

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