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The blockchain-based platform for energy data management

PROSUME is the blockchain platform that, thanks to its decentralized monitoring system, guarantees an independent and digitized environment useful for safely and reliably managing and exchanging data deriving from different energy sources, and thus promoting new models of energy community.


Platform Keypoints

  • Renewable energy sources prioritization
  • Decentralized Decision-Making
  • Energy Exchange at local market and community levels
  • Full Traceability
  • Co-ownership of power plants

Platform Benefits

  • Flexibility in the choice of power sources
  • Real-time ascertained cost control
  • Transparency and Trustworthiness among members
  • Enhanced Grid Operation & Maintenance

The solutions

The PROSUME platform can be customized depending on the users’ needs. Our applications are provided on a B2B model to all the companies that are willing to offer innovative and digitized services to their customers or to the managers of local distribution and/or generation infrastructure.

Energy communities / P2P Exchange

The platform allows optimal management and tracing of energy flows within a community or a local energy market. Consumers and prosumers use their unique IDs to automatically acquire locally produced electricity or share/sell the energy surplus generated by their PV plant. The system also administers the settlement and sub-billing procedures, the eventual co- ownership of the plant and guarantees transparency to all the members of the community/P2P market.

Grid balancing

Our solution allows for significant efficiencies in demand-response functions at an aggregated level (the community/local market).

This feature can be interesting for aggregators and BSPs that are willing to offer flexibility products to TSOs/DSOs for system balancing and improved stability.

Energy source tracing

Prosume helps businesses achieve their decarbonization goals. Our “Energy Source Tracing” service certifies the procurement of energy from green power sources.

The system monitors renewable power plants activity, generating “green tokens” that uniquely match the energy consumed.

Energy data certification

Our platform guarantees the certainty and immutability of consumption data coming from each single load or sensor.

An easy interface encourages each user to adopt sustainable habits, generating energy savings while preserving comfort and personal choice.

Smart billing & automated payments

Thanks to smart-contracts, Prosume provides user-friendly, reliable payment methods.

Energy providers benefit from daily, automatic and precisely measured utility bill payments from offtakers, minimizing delays and collection costs.


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