28 November 2022

Is Blockchain Technology Essential for Improving Clinical Research Quality?

Step aside from the headlines and hyperbole, and the bedrock by which blockchain technology functions offers a truly transformative way for pharma tech, patient data privacy […]
14 November 2022

Benefits of Blockchain for the Pharmaceutical Industry

If there is any industry that has been in the spotlight for the past couple of years particularly, it has been the pharma industry. Responsible for […]
5 October 2022

A New Page for the Blockchain

While the surprisingly long and varied history of blockchain cryptocurrencies has come with many chapters, we stand in 2022 at the advent of one of the […]
15 September 2022

Governments Already Embracing Blockchain Technology

There is simply no denying at this stage just how much of an impact blockchain technology has had on our planet. While it’s true that the […]
31 August 2022

Smart Labels: The Future of Fashion

Fashion has been part of our civilisation and culture for centuries – and it’s safe to say it’s reached the apex of its technological evolution, right? […]
3 August 2022

Supply Chain Management: The CHAINge We Need

It seems that no project management efforts in this new decade can ever move forward without needing to expect the unexpected. The world’s way of shifting, […]
30 May 2022

How to Make the Most of the Metaverse

Anyone active in the technology world in the last decade or so has heard of the blockchain. Yet a newer buzzword – one with plenty of […]
28 April 2022

A decentralized society is a better society

The ideas of blockchain technology and decentralization go together as beautifully as strawberries and cream. Anywhere you look these days, from finances and entertainment to social […]
13 December 2021

How blockchain can support the common agricultural policy

Blockchain is no longer the realm of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. A peer-to-peer distributed ledger technology — originally developed to underpin Bitcoin — blockchain is now attracting […]