9 December 2021

Blockchain and document management systems

Change is coming, and it’s coming in the form of a recalibration of many aspects of our lives. For the past few years, digital transformation has […]
9 December 2021

Blockchain and social rights

Digital transformation has been on the road map for many companies for years. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the fact that more people are using […]
9 December 2021

Zero-knowledge proof: how it works and why it’s important

We’ve all become accustomed to sharing our personal information to access products and services over the internet. Few would disagree that the internet has revolutionised the […]
11 November 2021

The metaverse and blockchain: the reality of virtual worlds

  The “metaverse” was popularised in the 1990s by Neal Stephenson’s science fiction novel “Snow Crash.” In the novel, a pair of delivery drivers travel the […]
18 October 2021

Public sector innovation in the age of blockchains: is this our chance?

  There can be little doubt we’re entering an era of unprecedented disruption. We’re witnessing how blockchain technology is transforming industries like healthcare, supply chain, energy […]
15 September 2021

How blockchain is reshaping the art world

  Ever since the Bitcoin Genesis Block was released on January 3, 2009, blockchain technology has underpinned major developments in cryptocurrencies. But when Christie’s completed the sale of the Barney A. […]
3 August 2021

Solving challenges in developing countries with blockchain technology

  Blockchain technology is a buzzword in the tech industry. It’s used to solve many of today’s problems, like making payments more accessible and more secure […]
13 July 2021

Why is blockchain secure?

  Blockchain technology is revolutionary for data management. While often associated with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, blockchains offer many more benefits to other aspects of business. […]
25 March 2021

Dlt, blockchain and then some

Get the lexicons right in order to understand the difference between these new technologies. by Federico Bo Throughout the blockchain sector, there are still ambiguities in […]